Service Provider FAQ

What is WISE Hire?

WISE Hire is an online platform, providing NDIS service providers with a professional, dedicated pool of screened support workers, and the opportunity to work with NDIS clients to help meet their everyday needs, and provide access to experiences in their community.

The flexible, easy to use platform connects you to a network of support workers looking to fill vacancies for everything from walking dogs or doing the shopping, to helping clients to attend a sports match and doctors’ appointments.

WISE Hire only partners with support workers who have undergone rigorous checks and testing, so you can be assured of your personal security and the reliability of the work.

How do I register as a service provider?

You can sign up as a service provider through this link on the WISE Hire home page.

The website will direct all interest from service providers to our WISE Hire email so that you can be contacted by someone with the appropriate skills and experience.

If you’re interested in finding some support quickly and simply, please provide us with your details so we can match your business with pre-screened support workers who can work for you.

Thank you for contacting WISE Hire so we can tailor a value proposition to meet your business needs, and at the same time you can know you are making a difference to the community.

What kinds of training do you offer for your support workers?

Click here to watch a run through of the full WISE Hire platform. It will show you everything from how workers sign up, to how workers can start and finish jobs. There are five different training courses support workers must complete before they begin working for you and your clients via the WISE Hire platform. They are:

  1. Communication
  2. Empathy
  3. Workplace Health and Safety
  4. Manual Handling
  5. Initiative

Some organisations we partner with provide additional orientation information which we send to support workers before starting their job so that they are as prepared as they can be.

How often do workers need to review and/or provide new documentation?

The WISE Hire team ensures all the registration information provided is current when support workers start. It is their responsibility as a support worker to ensure their documentation is updated if it expires.